The Minnesota Retired State Employees Association (MRSEA) was formed in the late 1940's, and has been serving retired Minnesota state employees ever since.

We are the only organization made up of and concerned solely with retired state employees and their benefits. The Association is managed by a 15 member board of directors elected by members. We respond to needs and concerns of members. This is accomplished with newsletters, by testifying at legislative hearings, and by informing legislators and other elected officials of our concerns. Statewide general membership meetings are held each Spring and Fall. Our over 8,000 members are not only from the group normally thought of as state employees, but we also come from such diverse groups as retired state legislators, judges, highway patrol and retired employees from the University of Minnesota, metropolitan agencies and others.



State Employment: Minnesota State Senator and Representative
Years of State Service: January 1975 to December 2006

Education, training, and experience:
Experience: Wes was elected by retirees to be their voice on the board in 2012. His knowledge of pensions and state government contributed to boosting the long-term growth, stability and fiduciary soundness of all MSRS-managed plans. Career: Wes served as a DFL lawmaker who was always endorsed by state employee unions. He chaired the Judiciary and Financial Institutions committees and successfully authored over 200 bills ranging from pension protection to control of sex offenders. In his private career, Wes was an HR professional at Control Data, Teacher for Special Needs Kids and National Guardsman. Personal: Wes is a University of Minnesota Graduate, Hospice Volunteer, Special Olympics Coach, Ski Instructor for Special Needs Kids, community contributor, avid reader and good neighbor. Family: Wes is married to Linda Brown Skoglund, a MSRS retiree and avid reader, who had a 33-year career with DEED (Unemployment Department). They have two wonderful daughters, who are teachers, graduates of the University of Minnesota and also avid readers

Why I would like to serve on the MSRS Board of Directors:
Successful public pensions, like ours, are juicy targets for cyber thieves as well as greedy connivers and publicity-seeking politicians who want to privatize, hybridize, borrow-from, pawn, short-change, or even shut down our plans. I pledge to protect what your money built. Safeguarding your pension and building our funds' solvency is my uppermost goal.








If you are retired, but not a member, we urge you to join. Contact our Business Office toll free at 1 (877) 487-0402, for full information about membership.

Note: We are a private nonprofit association. Please do not confuse us with the Minnesota State Retirement System - the state agency which sends us our monthly pension checks.

United to advocate for the well being of state retirees by:

  • Monitoring the deliberations of the legislature and the Minnesota State Retirement System Board of Directors; and responding as appropriate to promote, protect and enhance retiree interests.
  • Maintaining working relationships with other retiree organizations
  • Promoting social activities through local sub chapters and statewide meetings
  • Advocating for the affordability of state retiree health and long term care benefits